Love, Life and all jazz…

Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Price: 150/-
Publisher: Grey Oak
Rating: 2.5/5

About the book: This bestselling debut is a coming of age story about lives of four young twenty somethings – Sameer, Tania, Vikram and Tanveer, best friends from college in Bombay, and it starts by exploring their lives and their choices after they pass out of college. It is about where they go from here, the changes they see in themselves and in other people in their lives and the direction their lives take. The decisions they make on love, family and career affects their relationships and shapes their personality over the years. It s a slice of life, roller coaster ride through the life you ve probably lived and can relate to …

The book toes the line of its excerpt on the back cover – it has it all: romance, complicated relationships, finding love, jealous lovers, creating careers and more. All of these elements are woven tightly round the main characters –

  • Sameer and Tania, who are everybody’s version of the perfect couple
  • Vikram – The rich boy and college stud who doesn’t seem to have a purpose in life
  • Tanveer – The boy from small town Sholapur with big dreams and even bigger responsibilities

They meet and bond at college and things start changing as they finish college. Life starts taking a turn when Sameer leaves to the U.K to pursue his MBA leaving his loving girlfriend and soul mate Tani behind. They try to keep their long distance relationship going until Sameer’s ambitions and ideas for his future threatens to pull them apart? Do they manage to overcome these major hiccups and establish their life?

Vicky is not interested in the page 3 life style his parents seem to tote with ease and is still looking for his source of happiness. This threatens his strong relationship with Naina an upcoming model and VJ. As she gets higher on the popularity chain, Vicky finds that he is unable to handle the paparazzi intrusion into their lives. Does he manage to find love and purpose?

Tanveer is torn between his small town ideas and parents and a bad job which pays and helps him shoulder family responsibilities. He seems lost in big, bad Mumbai until he meets and falls in love with Tanaz. But can he convince his Muslim parents to marry Tanaz who is a Parsi? Will he able to quit the comfortable job he hates so much and risk doing what he loves?

All these plots are woven around smaller subplots as the story spans over a period of 6 years! Definitely a good attempt for a debuting author.However I personally found the narrative a bit drawn out. I felt like reading a history book, especially when the author kept moving between the past and the present almost too frequently. I guess it is definitely a novel way of writing but it also has its demerits.

Now,the following observation of mine may make me seem old; the plots are set in a very contemporary environment that I sometimes wonder how many in India other than Bombay where the stories are set and maybe some other places in India indulge in the lifestyles described in the book. It was very “Sex and the City” to me what with the live in relationships, couple vacations and many such plots distributed throughout the book. Nevertheless I do not have anything against such lifestyles so I was able to read the book without any small minded notions. Also many insignificant details (insignificant to me) were documented throughout the book which did not have much to do with the main plots. For eg. details of where cars were parked and in which locality etc., didn’t do much for the plots.

Definitely a very quick read – I finished it in a few hours! I do not really agree with all the great review comments at the back of the book but I might definitely read the next book by this author as his subjects are definitely worthy. He has tried to explore the emotions of those trying to find themselves and their place in this world and such subjects are always tough nuts to crack!

A great attempt for a first book as I am pretty sure many of us today can relate to the characters and what they go through…

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  1. Nice review..initially you made it look very interesting with the description of characters but, the charm lies in narration, which every author is not able to do…

  2. Thanks Christy! Regarding the eggplant hummus I meant it only reminded me of that becos of the grilled eggplants……I know they don’t use yogurt πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to try your recipe πŸ˜€

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