The Sound of the Universe – Aum……


My first painting for the year!! The idea of painting this auspicious symbol came to me when I was walking a treadmill (me being on a tread mill is a pretty rare occasion :P). I have always been fascinated with this ancient and sacred symbol. In fact I even considered getting it tattooed on my shoulder but then ruled against it……You must think I am quite a rebel…well I am!! And proud of it!

Anyhooooo, “Aum” is considered to be the sound of the universe. It is often said that if you are in space and listen carefully you can hear the universe go “Aum…..” I tried to imagine what space would look like (if I had the chance to look) and this is how I imagined it…. beautiful om with an aura around it as it merged into the darkness of space…….. I tried to visualize the the positive energy that the word would generate, bringing light into a dark area….

Once I had finished the painting, I came across an article about “Aum” in the Adyar times by Dr. Sunita Gupta. It explained that “Aum” is considered as the connecting sound of the universe and that it is one word which has 3 sounds representing the creation, preservation and destruction. Per some schools of thought, it stands for man’s realization of the divinity within himself. “Aum” is considered as the vibration of the cosmic sector and it dispels the darkness of ignorance and fear and helps develop confidence on self!

I guess my imagination was not too far from the real meaning of the word 🙂 It is amazing to know that this one word is considered so powerful and has so much meaning- this is probably the reason why it is used a lot during meditation and chanting!

Hope you like my artistic interpretation of “Aum” using oil paints on canvas.


  1. Aum is the mysterious cosmic energy layer of all beings and things in this universe that is continuously resounding in silence on the background of everything that exists in this universe and your painting depicts just that Shweta. Great painting !!!!

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