The story of the Peas Paratha

Ok…My last food post was on….even I don’t remember it!!! I think it was February! Frankly I am embarrassed….How does a foodie like me not publish any of my consumable creations??? So the light bulb went off at last.. I am surrounded by peas these days. Fresh ones – in their pods and outside..No frozen peas in this season please! As I was wondering what one can do with all this peas, I started thinking of rotis and parathas…..and I had this urge to make peas parathas. For those who are going “What?? Peas Paratha?? Can you do that? How is that going to taste or look?” Let  me tell you I thought that I was the first one to think of something like this but apparently this is a recipe that exists and not something that I made up! But this one I made on my own…followed my mind…and it looks pretty….golden brown on the outside and green on the inside and tastes good – provided you like peas 🙂

And for some reason I couldn’t get the fairy tale story of the “Princess and the Pea” out of my head. I think if that princess met these parathas she might change her mind 🙂 Feeling more creative than usual, I did a picture recipe of this  dish…just like a children’s story book….You might think that I have nothing better to do….well, what can I say? Sometimes I can’t control my creative urges….so here you go. Also I wanted this post to be a big bang one considering that its my 150’th post! 🙂 Enjoy! if you happen to try these out drop me a note.

Btw I am extremely proud of the fact that I eyeballed the quantities of all the ingredients this time….no exact tea spoon or table spoon measurements…..and I have assumed that you know how to mix the chapathi dough so please bear with me… I will do a post on how to make the dough sometime. [Please enlarge the pictures to understand the process better] Also this is my first step-by-step (not exactly!)  pictorial post…


  • 1 cup Fresh Peas  – Microwaved with very little water
  • Cumin / Jeera powder – per taste
  • Coriander powder – per taste
  • Salt – per taste
  • Chilli powder – per taste
  • Chapathai dough


Once upon a time a group of naughty peas decided to make it their aim to become a paratha. They approached this author to help them.. So this is what happened to them:

  • They got made into a stuffing and left to cool!!!
The Pea stuffing
  • They got shaped into small balls the size of a lemon
Ready to be stuffed
  •  They were placed onto the paratha disc…
Step 1
  • And flattened
  • Next the dough enveloped the flattened pea disc thus creating a baby pea paratha
  • And dusted in flour!
  • Then the baby pea paratha was rolled out into a big pea parath
  •  The paratha was then roasted on a hot tava
  • And then flipped and roasted on the other side….
Roast the other side
  • The paratha was cooked until done….the appearance of pretty golden spots was the indication
  • Then the pea paratha posed for pictures….
Yum Yum

Finally it was crowned the paratha of the season and gobbled up by this hungry author and photographer who enjoyed it with great relish!!! Promises were made to make the parathas again 🙂

More Green


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