Thank You

My 149’th post!!! Even I can’t believe it..When I started blogging initially I intended it to be a platform where I could talk about my life and events happening around me. As I started discovering the potential of blogs, it turned out to be a platform where I shared my little talents (?) with the world..It became a space where books, art and photographs became the primary focus.

I have crossed the usual hurdles of maintaining a blog – lack of discipline, time, writers blocks, lack of ideas or inspiration, being plain lazy etc., but have managed to trudge through them all the same. I have always had issues with marketing this blog. I still believe that not too many people know that this blog exists! đŸ™‚ As 2011 comes to an end I hope that this blog gets bigger and better so that more folks could help me with my life’s journey and my passion to improve my creative abilities.

Initially I thought of writing a big bang post for my 150th! But before that I had to do something more important ; thanking all you wonderful people for helping me with this blog. So thank you all for stopping by at my blog. Nothing thrills me more than the knowledge that someone out there appreciates what I do. A bigger thanks goes out to those who have left a comment for me. I thrive on feedback so you guys have done me a great favor đŸ™‚ I have more ideas up my sleeve so do watch out!!

Image courtesy: Internet


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