Peacock Beneath a Window!!

Now this is one is a complete original!! πŸ™‚ I was inspired by 2 separate sights that I came across during my trip to Masinagudi / Mysore this November. One was that of a beautiful peacock sitting on a rock at Mudumalai. The other was the windows of the beautiful open dining room at the Bear Jungle mountain resort at Masinagudi. The window was covered with beautifully manicured vines on both sides. I could not get that window out of my mind and when I got back I wondered what it would feel like to spot a peacock beneath such a window! Maybe this is how it would have been centuries ago in the times of Sakunthala… She probably lived in a simple home, the exterior of which was covered with beautiful plants. She probably had peacocks for pets and gave them all their own unique names! This could be one such beauty looking back and waiting for her……why not? πŸ™‚ Don’t know if Β this was ever true but this is my little story behind this piece……

This is oil on stretched canvas and I have not used brushes!!! I used my palette knives to complete this one…(another experiment). Since I could not get the perfect photo thanks to the unusual size of the painting, I have compiled a set of pictures that will take you through the progress of this painting. As usual your thoughts and critiques are welcome

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    • Thanks!! That is pretty encouraging! I have an idea to do a bigger piece some time in the future….so I consider this more like a study for the same

  1. Good one ! Peacock on a branch was my favorite painting as a kid that got me 1st prize in school painting competition at 3rd Standard πŸ™‚ reminds of that …. I am sure this will get a good compliments $$ at an auction πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much for stopping by..thanks again for the encouraging words. If you try something of this sort please do let me know. I would definitely like to take a look.

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