I’m Not Twenty Four

Title: I’m Not Twenty Four
Author: Sachin Garg
Price: 100 /-
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Rating: 3.5 / 5

 Saumya, a typical MBA grad from Delhi loves her coffee, mini skirts and stilettos and dreams of a snazzy corporate job until a campus placement lands her at Toranagallu, a remote and sleepy steel town situated in the midst of Karnataka’s wilderness.  Left without a choice, she leaves behind her best friends and beloved city to work at Toranagallu where she is joined by fellow new recruits; batch mate and class geek, Amit and man of the Kannada soil, Malappa as she faces a new world at Lala Steel where heads literally roll and death by accident is an everyday affair. In the midst of all the chaos she meets and falls in love with the mysterious and nomadic Shubro.

Can Saumya cope with her new life that trades stilettos for ugly work boots and iron dust? Will she find love in the middle of nowhere with an Indian hippie who is also an IIM grad? What is his story? Will she discover her life’s true purpose?

 Written from a woman’s perspective this chick lit is a very quick read. It is a personal narrative of the metamorphosis of the protagonist from a clueless city girl to a woman who discovers her hidden talents, makes new friends and falls in love. The characters are etched beautifully and there is plenty of humor on every page to keep the readers smiling and in case of women, giggling.  One can sympathize with Saumya as she lands in the middle of nowhere to discover that her unisexual name has landed her in a job created for a man.  Her only friends are Amit, who is not too cool to hang out with and Malappa, the rebel. Her nascent romance (if you can call it that) with Malappa is rudely nipped in the bud when he dies in a freak accident at the plant and just as she decides to call it quits Shubro re-enters her life.  From this point forward the story is about how two very different people fall in love and make a difference to life around them. The readers will start flipping the pages with more gusto as they discover Shubro’s past and how Saumya’s feelings for him and his philosophy of life gradually influences her thoughts about of who she is and what she does.

This is the first book I have read by this author and I am pretty impressed with his simple narration. Being an MBA grad himself and having lived at Toranagallu the author’s insight into the thoughts of B-school grads and their way of life when challenged in the midst of small town realities is very believable. The book has an interesting cover and just as you start wondering about the connection between the two, you find the answer right in the prologue! The book is definitely a good candidate for a movie script!

Pick up this book if you are a woman and want something light and fun to read.

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Note: This is my first ever official book review. Phew! It is tough to write a 500 word post!! (Btw the actual review has only 500 words. This note and the details of the book are not a part of the 500 word limitation)The words seem to flow more easily on other occasions…Hope you enjoyed it. Please drop me a note in the comments section about what you think and how I can improve. I thrive on feedback 🙂 Also please share if you like this review. I could use some publicity 🙂 🙂


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