Shore Temple

Finally I got the courage to do a sketch using black and grey micro tip pen….If I remember correctly the last time I did something of this sort was during my art classes was more than 13 yrs maybe 15 yrs ago!!! That sketch which I did back then turned out really well and hangs proudly at the home of an aunt…It took a lot of courage to do this again. However I was inspired as I was doing this as a present for someone special 🙂 I have always loved Mahabalipuram – one of the most famous landmarks of the ancient Pallava architecture. The only surviving temple of all the shore temples this one is a real beauty as it stands against the majestic sea! I especially find the stone sculptures of  pretty cows that form a fence like structure around the temple particularly enduring. I feel they are so pretty that they deserve a sketch of their one..( an idea in the making)  Every trip to this place leaves me in awe and reminds me how talented and creative the architects of the past were….

Here are the sketches….do let me know what you think.

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple
Close up of temple on the left
Close up of temple on left


  1. Great sketches Shweta and the details are pleasing to see. Like one of your friend said in her comments..yes you need to keep doing this often (not in a span of 13 years) !!!

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