Beautiful Fall

So here it is! My next painting after almost 6 months! It’s another landscape this time. I started this painting way back in Dec 2005 / Jan 2006. I never completed it leaving 90% of the canvas blank. I guess the timing was right and I finally took up the challenge to complete it earlier this month. It was another step in learning how to paint landscapes. I love the seasons of autumn and fall where trees have such radiant colors and the air is always crisp and clean! Completing this painting helped not to miss this season too much and of course it was a learning experience on how to paint water with its depths, waves and surf not to mention the equally complicated trees with such thick foliage that the rays of the sun find it difficult to break through them. What do you think?

Fall Landscape - Oil











Fall Landscape - Water Closeup










Fall Landscape - Brighter Contrasts


  1. Love it. a small request. Could you make your font darker, when it comes to reading your longer blog posts it’s rather difficult to read since I read on all devices, darker fonts are easier on the eye. just a suggestion.

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