Loads of questions and no answers

Again, something I wrote long time ago..it was lying in my drafts folder. Every now and then I have all the questions playing around in my head and I can somehow never seem to find answers. I am usually not too deep but sometimes I have all these thoughts bubbling in my mind….if any of you have answers let me know.

  • Why do we lack courage?? Sometimes when we know something is wrong what stops us from saying: “This is wrong!” We are always worried about how our actions or words may affect us individually even though in our hearts we know that we need to stand up to whatever is happening.
  • Why do we care for the emotions of another when the other person clearly does not?
  • Is it ok to bother someone else just because you think you have the right to do so?
  • What’s with those suffering from a superiority complex?  Why do they expect the whole world to bend to their whims and fancies and not realize that the other person is doing their best? Is it because they think that only they know all???
  • People who keep saying “this is the way I am”  to justify their actions and behavior are just too lazy to change for the better. Isn’t “being just the way you are” an excuse to hurt others and continue doing so?
  • Why do we put up with nonsense from other people in our lives even though we know that they are up to no good?
  • Why can’t people be frank about what they want from another person at work or in their personal lives? Nobody can read the other persons mind!!! Asking for what you want is definitely a better way to get it!
  • Why do we think that we can take our close ones for granted?
  • Is it alright to commit to do something and not deliver? If you are afraid to do this at work why would you want to take the risk when it comes to your personal life?
  • Why play games with words when all it does is lead to heart breaks?

Last but not the least, why can’t I find the answers to all of the questions I have listed above? Am I such a shallow person that I just behave like everyone in this world? Or am I just scared of what the answer might turn out to be?


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