NaBloPoMo Feb 4 – TGIF!!

What does one do on a Friday afternoon? Eat lunch, complain and yawn! Then drink some tea and yawn some more! Ok..I didn’t drink all that tea but I just feel like I am in some kind of slump! Those that were supposed to do what they were supposed to do didn’t do it and I need to yell at them! [But I didn’t because I can’t 😦 ]And this makes me sad because honestly I don’t like yelling at anyone or even thinking on those terms.  Those that did do something, did it wrong and are now trying to wriggle their way out it by pointing their fat fingers (that was rhetoric) at someone else. Now this just annoys the others who are busy sermonizing concepts like laziness and incompetencies in the corporate world  and how any of this ever seems to change.  The rest of the gang that still owes us some deliverable or the other are away on lunch, smoking or drinking chai

So what does one really do on a Friday afternoon??? Me – I ate a pannini with some hummus in it, yawned and complained…I squeezed my brains trying to analyze some vague concept and yawned again! I sent a few mails, yawned some more , scratched my head and decided that I need another strong chai! As I type this I say “TGIF – will deal with this on Monday” and hurry up to get that chai! Happy week-end everyone!

P.S – This post was written some time ago but never published.  I am glad that it finally made its debut.


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