NaBloPoMo Feb 3 – The Snobs

I went to one of the snobbish schools of my times. The school though one of the best during the 80’s was filled with students that came from families with a holier than thou attitude that I couldn’t wait till my last day of school. As I passed the primary school and middle school phases and moved into high school I found the answer to the question that had been bothering me for ages.. why do these people think they are better that you? It was straight forward…..the snobs had their parents to thank for. It was apparent that students would observe how their peers got to school, the nail polishes on your nails and some even blatantly wanted to check where your parents worked! These questions usually came from the parents themselves. Based on what they learnt about you, your mode of commute to school and the brand/cost of clothes you wore, student would find that they have suddenly lost someone who had been their friend until yesterday. It was so weird that it took me some time to get the hang of it!

Here I should mention that it did not just stop with the students or their parents, it also extended to the teachers! Many of the teachers would be seen being good to certain students; the ones whose parents owned a theatre, the ones who parents ran huge successful businesses, the doctors etc., etc., How else could they get free tickets for the most popular release without standing in lines and at no cost!!! Things line internet and phone booking were still unheard of. The term used in those days for such student-teacher relationships was “partiality”!! Somehow some of the students would always seen to do better than the rest, even the rest had some better answers! Somehow these students would always get the plum roles during inter school cultural, the prime spots during school plays and I forget what else!In a place filled with a lot of fakes it was no wonder that I couldn’t wait to leave!

In fact I remember a gang that fancied themselves to be the “IIT” gang! This group of girls were writing the entrance tests to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. All the teachers used to go gaga over them and these ninnies looked down upon the rest of the normal junta…well they all wrote it but none got in! If that is not a joke I don’t know what is.

As I grew older I had learnt to deal with the fakes and snobs. I ignored them but didn’t really worry about anybody judging me. Yeah that’s me…I live for me not the society! This attitude of mine kinda peeked its head when I started college and boy did it rub another group of “perfects” the wrong way! But I lived to tell the tale and guess who had the last laugh?

I was thinking about what I should be ranting about today and the snobs just came to mind! I think its perfect with the theme of the month and I just feel so better getting it off my head! I want to finish off by saying : “Dear Parents, teach your kids to value the goodness in others, not judge them by their monetary worth. This way kids can make friends for life and at the end of we will all live in a better society”

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  1. Absolutely true and even today this is prevalent in almost all rungs of the society including the relatives. I have always lived for myself without worrying what the society or my relatives tell or feel about…hence people call me aloof !!! I do not waste my time to prove them wrong for everyone has their opinions ….

  2. Yes its worse amongst the relatives! I don’t understand why we are so hung up with these frivolous things….i mean my take is that we shouldn’t let it affect relationships..

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