NaBloPoMo Feb 2: Talkaholics!

Second character of the month…hmmm..this is tougher than I thought. What can you term the type of people who talk, talk and talk like there is no tomorrow? These people can tire you out with their incessant talking. Once they join a conversation you can be assured that you will no longer remain on the topic which was the source of the conversation in the first place! I have coined a new word for such cases. I am going to call them talkaholics! What is even funnier is they say the stupidest of things and look smug thinking that they have made the most intelligent comment of the century. They never have any qualms about passing off someone else’s idea as their own! I should say sometimes I do admire them for the pure fact that they never seem to realize that they are going overboard and feel that they are the best things to have happened in this world since the discovery of bendy straws! When I meet such folks, and have the misfortune of being stuck in a conversation with them all I can see is their lips moving…..10 minutes into the conversation and I am already wondering what I should be cooking for dinner or what my dream vacation would be like? How else can someone escape this conversation which doesn’t seem like it might end? Oh and I should mention that I am trying hard not to yawn or chew my nails off even though they are trying to chew my brains off!!

Sometimes I wish I had magical powers which I could use when I am caught in conversations with such folks. I would use these powers to hear some good music when they are talking or maybe make them forget whatever they are going to talk about or maybe just disappear. Several precious minutes and hours are wasted thanks to such people and every time I talk to someone like this I can’t help but wonder about the take aways from such conversations. All I know is that I can’t get back those few minutes that was wasted listening to them. I could have probably used it to read a book, think of another blog post or read other interesting blogs!!   I have seen these types starting with a high school English teacher (she was so full of herself that I probably should do a separate post about her), crazy school mates, aunts and uncles, psycho room mate, plenty of people at work over the last decade and more. How I wish that one day I could utter these words to their faces: “Please stop talking. My ears hurt!” and look as brilliant as them when they say the darndest of things!

God help this world filled with talkaholics!



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