NaBloPoMo Feb 1: The little Yoda

Lucky being Silly

Starting my first post this month about characters, I am going to wax eloquent about this little guy who has been a constant in my life for 2 years now…he came to me when he was only a few weeks old and this year he will turn 2. He was a rescued kitten who was found screaming for help after loitering around some park. His had burnt his tiny foot pads from trashed hot coals and was in a pretty bad shape. The wonderful woman who rescued him got him to work and I immediately fell in love. I named him “Lucky” because he was lucky to be discovered by my awesome colleague and also because I thought that with him by my side my luck was going to turn πŸ™‚ It was only fair that I dedicate my first character post to this amazing creature.

This little guy is filled with so much personality that I feel we can learn several life lessons from him. So here are some tips from my little Yoda:

  • Be playful whenever you can; if you do, you can never suffer from any blood pressure
  • Be curious; its good to know about most things in this world
  • Ignore anything that bothers you, it’s probably not worth it
  • Sleep and stretch a lot; its good for your mind and body
  • Snuggle up to loved ones πŸ™‚
  • Nothing in life is worth stressing out too much.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and drink loads of water
  • Remain calm and attack only when required
  • Feel comfortable to act silly in presence of your loved and trusted circle. Nobody is going to judge you.
  • Never be over affectionate or cold to anyone (If you hate someone terribly, you can move away from their presence or run and hide like Lucky would do)

He is a little kid and a very wise old man rolled into a cat! He sends me off to work every morning, greets me when I get back, meows till I play “catch” with him, cleans up after himself, prays with me every now and then (oh yes! he will sit next to me when I say my prayers and sometimes even bow) meditates by himself Β and much more. I wish I could be strong when it comes to following life’s little lessons that he teaches everyday.

This post is dedicated to cat lovers and those that are blessed to have them in their lives.



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