The earth smiles in flowers!


Finally I completed this one! I started painting this flower way back last year and somehow never seemed to finish it! This painting really tortured me…it simply wasn’t turning out right! First the paint was behaving funny on the canvas and every brush that I used on the canvas just seemed to thin the painting – no matter how much paint I had on the brush! Now I have not painted too many flowers so it was getting extremely frustrating. Finally last week I just did something which I have never done before – I used my fingers to paint most of the flower! They were the best brushes I have ever used. Plus it was a lot of fun – I felt like a little kid playing with messy fingers 🙂 Also I need to take a better photograph of this painting with some natural lighting. My flash seemed to have picked out the yellow undertone at the base of the flower petals. These look brighter than what you can see on the original painting. I read somewhere that the “Earth smiles in Flowers”; now I know what it means.  Looking forward to a year of painting  🙂



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