The Biggest Bully

The big boy was in middle school when he punched the little kid in his guts because  the latter had refused to carry his books for him – the little people are supposed to serve those like me he thought. And when they didn’t they had to be punished.  He grew up to be the schools biggest bully; the one that would be seen standing outside the school smoking rather than attending his classes, making rude and derogatory comments about those that passed by.  This phase continued through college – the only college he could get into due to his poor grades. He enjoyed being the “dada”, the one the juniors feared, the one from who the normal kids stayed away and the sight of who made the girls turn another direction. It was a norm for him to lways have his own way and make sure that rest of the world bent to his fancies.

The years after college were not kind to him. He was no longer the big scary shark but just another guy. He skipped from one small job to the next and was fired from many positions and could never manage to find someone to love thanks to his attitude and behavior. Life had failed to change him.  In his mid-thirties he finally became the manager of a small restaurant.  His ego was stoked and it was school and college all over – he was the scary shark that bullied his staff and made their work life miserable. He had no reason to be worried as nobody was brave enough to stand up to him.

One day after a huge show down with his chef who had refused to serve him lunch because he was busy whipping up an order for a customer, he left the restaurant in a huff. He was going to make sure that he was not going to approve the chefs leave application to spend Diwali with his family.

He got into his little red Maruti and started driving well beyond the acceptable speed limits accompanied by a heavy dose of honking and verbal abuses which made sure that people on the road made way for him.  As he overtook a Ford  on the wrong side he scraped the bigger car. Though he knew he was at fault, he stopped in front of the bigger, car got out and started arguing with the other driver abusing him for bad driving. The other driver looked on as he stood in front of the car hurling the choicest abuses at him, when he was the one that at fault.  Anger and road rage took over as he stepped on his accelerator and ran the Ford over him. He was pronounced dead when he was brought into the hospital.

“A sad life time of bullying and abusing had come to an end. I am probably the biggest bully of them all” thought death as he walked away sadly from the hospital with the bullies soul bound tightly with his rope.

Note: This is my first attempt  at writing a story..any kind of story. It is a bit dark and I never knew I could write a dark story like this one. I read a piece of news about road rage  where one driver actually drover his car over another. The driver that died was actually the one at fault and he tried blaming the driver whose car he had damaged. What is it about many people that makes them argue and fight when they are at fault? Why is that the individual who does the right thing mostly loose out to the party which was at fault?  This piece of news kept gnawing me for a long time and out of nowhere I started typing this out. Again I am not sure how much of what was reported is true but since this is fictional i”d like to say that all characters are fictitious.  Please let me know what you think….your honest comments are welcome.



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