Random Rant

Sometimes I really do get fed up with everything I do!  And to think its not even the end of the first week of January. I don’t understand the behavior of some people who I think are my friends – they tell you one thing and then do another. Why would anyone do such a thing? If they have something on their mind  which is bothering them why can’t they be open about it?  Especially when I asked them about it and tried to ensure that I am not treading on their toes?? But Noooo! They tell you that everything is alright and they have no issues with your approach and then do something else behind your back which just bothers you! And no! I do not feel like talking about it with the said person! If they didn’t understand what I was telling them in the first place it only goes to show that maybe this  person was not really my friend to start with. All I can do going forward is maintain my distance with them when it comes to sharing my life with them. This kind of behavior disturbs me a lot and usually I just keep quiet about it. This time however I have chosen to rant about it and try and move past it!

Moral of the story : Never try to help anyone unless they ask for it. Unsolicited help always makes you look like a fool 😦


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