The start of 2011….

Everybody makes resolutions, some succeed at sticking to them and most of us forget all about them by the time January 5th rolls in. So this year I am not going to make any fancy resolutions but I am going to make a list of things that I would like to do. I feel that having a “TO DO” list might probably find more success rather than calling it resolutions. This said and done I came up with what I thought was a very manageable “To Do” list. I was extremely pleased with myself. Of course just like with any other resolutions “To Do” list for the year mine had one about being good with exercise. I have about 100 magazine and a dozen health and well-being sites which scream to me that “Exercise is important for a healthy life style”. Once upon a time I was so perfect with my exercise routine and I wanted to go back to that phase again and also just so that I don’t feel guilty when I eat my favorite toasted everything bagel and vegetable cream cheese once a week! Sluuuurp!

So here I was – I hit the gym everyday from 1st onwards and was felling totally smug about myself! Jan 4th rolled in and I was rushing to work. The moment I stepped out of the car, I don’t know what went wrong but my feet slipped on the black ice and I was flat on the ground of the parking lots before I knew it with my knees hitting the beautiful tar! I scraped my left knee pretty good which is kinda having the color of a fully bloomed cherry fruit with a band aid on it! And I am walking around like I am 90 years old! There goes my exercise routine….! And it’s not even Jan 5th yet!!

Woman proposes and god disposes! Ok so I am clumsy but whats a girl to do?? I know I can’t even step into the gym for another 2-3 days. Why I can’t even do any stretches! and What with my cats habit of sleeping on my legs at night I can be assured of not doing anything physical for 3 days! So much for good health….anyways I had a moment after popping in some pain killers and decided to concentrate on the other items on the “To DO” list and of course I remembered by favorite Calvin and Hobbes resolutions cartoon:

Yes I think I am pretty much perfect too!!  😀 So the love handles can wait! I am going to busy myself with a book….maybe Calvin and Hobbes! They do make me feel better

Just in case you were wondering whats on my “To Do” list, here goes:

This is what I would like to do more of this year:

1. Read more – stop worrying about buying books. Considering  I have an electronic reader and do not have to be bothered about finding room for my books I want to step up my reading habits without burning a hole in my pocket of course 🙂

2. Paint, sketch, doodle etc., – Do whatever it takes! I created 1 decent piece or art last year and few smaller ones and still have one half way through! I want to be able to find the inspiration and motivation to pick up my paints and brushes

3. Write – Be good about this. Do whatever it takes including carrying a pen and paper with me all the time to not down anything I might come up with.

4. Try out those awesome recipes which I have always wanted to….

5. No list is complete without this – Exercise!!

6.Ignore negative influences around me. Ooh! This is a toughie!! 😕

7. Take a stab at those project management books which have been lying around! Seriously enough is enough!

How are you guys coming along with your resolutions / To Do items?? Would love to hear from you!

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