Drama and women!

Can women work together successfully towards achieving a goal or completing a specific project without getting into each others hair, back biting, gossiping and everything else that women are known to do. I am not implying that all women work like this – I am pretty sure that there are several initiatives that have been started by and run successfully by women. But what is the percentage of such success stories? I am sure it will be quite small compared to something that would be managed by a group of guys.

Last night I was watching a reality TV show where a group of bakers had to create a fancy Christmas cake. These talented folks were competing for an insane amount of money and a prestigious apprenticeship at of one of the most popular bakeries in the East Coast. This particular round of elimination cast the men against the women and each team had to create cakes based on the Christmas theme. Any guesses as to which team won? It was the guys. While the men did have their differences and own ideas there were able to come together and create the perfect cake – It was beautiful to look, technically sound and stood well for a 7 tier cake! Now for the women – most of their time was filled with drama, not wanting to listen to the person who tried to lead; back biting about one female team mate with the others thereby killing her morale and more drama! Drama – that is the key word – drama which spoils everything for everyone involved, drama which leaves a bad taste in the minds of those involved.  Are women born with an extra gene called  the Drama gene? Why do women get themselves into such situations?

If you are thinking that this is common for a TV show, let me tell you from my experiences a reality TV show is no different from real life. If you look around the work place one can always find a group of women whose non-work related responsibilities will include observing another female co-workers outfit, making sly comments about another female worker to the others, making sure that the personal details of one person is secretly shared with the another, judging, more judging and God help a woman who might have the guts to stand up to all this BS!  Just look towards your own extended family and you will come up with a list of names of people who will create trouble for others and it will be of no surprise that a majority of the names that make this list will be feminine. And not to mention all the stories out there of women being tortured emotionally or physically by other women like mom-in-laws, sister-in-laws, aunts, cousins etc.,

There is a very popular saying that says “Only one woman can understand another” but one cannot argue with the fact that a woman is another woman’s worst enemy! Does this happen because women are competitive in general? If so where do we draw the line? Is our success worth stepping over someone else’s morale or making someone else look and feel small? Or is this because women are generally known to be more jealous and spiteful?  These qualities are present in every human being male or female, but it depends on what we do about it. Some of us let it remain in a comatose state and not let is rear its ugly head whereas some let it fill their entire personalities thus redefining the quality and nature of a woman. Now for every bad apple that is out there are  definitely some gems that make you want to salute them but then we all know one bad apple gives the other apples in a basket a bad name! Women need to look beyond their personal selfish selves and start using their energies towards creating and producing something  more fruitful  in their lives.  The day we start working towards this will be the day when the drama gene may think of retiring!



  1. Nicely written Shewta and absolutely you have hit the nail on the head… drama gene !!! Have known women who have told that they would never bitch or back bite and few minutes down the line do the very thing they were advocating against !!!
    Women can’t live with them nor can you live without them… so in the end it is matter of balancing our lives accordingly

    • True. I am not saying that men don’t engage in such activities just that women seem to be doing it more or rather they make it so obvious! If only this energy is used to do something useful great things can be accomplished.

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