A post about nothing in general: Alarm Clocks!

Every morning, at least 5 days in a week I wake up to the alarm on my phone going off and almost every day I will snooze the thing before catching my 5 extra minutes. I should confess that I usually tend to catch my 5 minutes for about 5 times!!! The sound of the alarm going off is something that annoys me along with other things like the wolf horns, autos that move like senseless snakes which have been drunk stupid, pesky bike riders who think they can  take on bigger giant vehicles on the wrong side of the road or even worse curved roads (that’s just being a classic idiot)….

Apologies for the digression. Getting back to alarms I am glad that alarms have evolved over the years. I remember my school days when alarms would wake you up with a very loud “Beep, Beep, Beep Beep” and this could be heard across 2 houses! The alarm would wake up the entire household…If you snooze the thing several times, you could be sure to invite the wrath of other sleeping members of the household. I had the tendency of waking up early (around 3:00AM)to study and nothing annoyed my mom more when I snoozed the alarm to catch some extra winks and it would go off every 5 minutes after!! Sometimes I would decide to shut the darn thing off but then my mom would be wide awake by then and I imagine that she was pretty mad!

These days the alarm on the phone kind of sings to me and no, I don’t have ring tunes as my alarm. Phones these days are loaded with some pretty decent tunes and not just the plain ole beep, beep. A different alarm that I have is my cat “Lucky” who would sit very strategically on my shoulders when I sleep on my sides with one paw reaching my chin or on my stomach when I sleep on my back and start purring like a little soft engine! Yeah yeah it’s all cute and I cannot really be angry at the little bugger when I wake up even though he does this at 5:30AM on a Saturday!I am just glad if he does not rub his nose on mine!! Off late he has got wind of the fact that I snooze the alarm and sleep extra so it helps (at least on the week days) when he decides to purr!!

What would happen to me if my alarm didn’t go off? I’d be late to work and probably mess my days entire schedule, unless my schedule was to do nothing!  However I do wonder what happened before the alarm clock was invented? Didn’t our ancestors wake up based on the weather and natural lights, or by the mosquito bites that sometimes tend to rise in the mornings?? We have been spoilt by technology so much that we cannot wake up without someone shaking us, a commotion, or an electricity failure.

I’d like to dedicate this post to the much under appreciated alarm clocks (the ones that don’t purr and the ones that don’t bite). We hardly ever think of them but do get annoyed when they go off! So thanks dear alarm – you get my day started on time 🙂


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