Just Moved In!

I have finally made the transition from blogspot to WordPress. Phew! It was a time consuming project.  It was tough maintaining 3 different blogs. For those who don’t know I have an art blog, a culinary blog and a blog where I just blow off steam. But it was just getting too much to take care of all three and not being regular with blogging also doesn’t help. So I finally decided to make the change – now I have everything in one place and its all categorized well (Check out the cool tabs). I think this space defines my personality pretty well – The Constantly Puzzled Mind. You might wonder what’s with the name but those who know me would know that my brain hardly ever rests! In fact if my brain could talk it would scream for a vacation;a vacation from too much of thinking!!  The poor Joe has been over-worked, processing too many threads of thoughts and ideas over the past 2 decades! I am a dreamer, a worrier, someone who wants to do several things in this life but doesn’t know where to start and nothing can describe me better than this title….

To my good friends who might visit this blog – please let me know what you think of this new home for my snippets from life…Now, I know some of you don’t like to leave comments or just think it’s too much of work! But please do try.

To others who may stumble upon this blog, please feel free to leave me a note. Meeting fellow bloggers is always interesting.

Here is to Happy Blogging!!


    • Hey thanks Smita! Man hearing from you after ages…hope the little one is doing great! More regular? Will definitely try…coming from the queen of book reviews I shall try and follow the advise 🙂

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