Some Respect?

Last evening, I spotted this woman bullying her dog. This woman lives in the same community as I do and she usually walks her dog around the time I get back from work so I have had the opportunity to observe her before. I love dogs and they know that. The moment they spot me they will stop and wag their tails and try to jump over me – at least the friendly ones will do that. So the first time I saw Rosy, the beautiful dark chocolate brown/black colored Labrador with eyes that would melt your heart, she was a little puppy. Like any other playful puppy she started wagging her tail and tried to run towards me. Her owner, this young lady who never smiles seems constipated most of the time – let’s call her Miss C, just dragged her using the leash and yelled at her. I just let it pass thinking that Miss C was probably in a bad mood and didn’t really feel like socializing. But that was just the first of many such observations – I have routinely watched Miss C yell at Rosy, drag her collar so much that it probably hurts and generally be mean to her. And Rosy would always wag her tail at Miss C looking for some kind of affection or acceptance – I am really not sure what. Rosy was always sweet and her owner just seemed mean. How I wished I had Rosy and not Miss C!! Rosy is more than a year old now but is still as beautiful as ever…

Yesterday, Miss C stopped Rosy right outside my porch during their daily walk, and rolled her palms into little fists and kept punching Rosy on her face while scolding her and Rosy just stood there wagging her tail with a look that said “I love you, why are you always angry?” My brains froze as I didn’t know what to do. They walked away after 5 minutes and I forgot about what I had just witnessed. I feel like a terrible person but I was not sure what I should do? Next time should do I just stop and stare at Miss C and make her feel small so that she may not repeat this kind of behavior? But what would she do to Rosy when they are at home? I don’t know and every time I think of this I only wish Rosy had a better human friend…

Why is it that some people are mean to animals? I can never respect those who are mean to animals. There are some those who will purposely stone other animals or throw stuff at them for laughs. I have heard of kids who trick dogs or cats to eat food laced with anti-freeze just because they think its funny that poor animal trusts you and eats that food and chokes on it and dies! What kind of contribution would these people make to this world when they cannot respect another life? We do not have to love everything and everyone but we can at least treat all living creatures with some respect as they have feelings too. I wonder how Miss C would feel if she just woke up one Freaky Friday to find that Rosy was her mistress who would walk Miss C using a leash and punch her on the face. Knowing Rosy, if this ever happened, she would be so sweet to Miss C that the lady would die in shame!



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