Random Thoughts – 1

I am pretty amazed at bloggers who post so much of personal information about their lives on their blog and I am talking real personal. Yes the blog is a kind of a journal, but how much of everything which goes on in your personal life would you want your friends and relatives to know? Call me old fashioned but I am a very private person – have always been. Not even my parents would always know what I am up to, especially if it has anything to do about conversations with a guy or anything on those lines. That is classified information and I wouldn’t want my parents, friends or relatives knowing about everything that goes on between 2 people….I have not even written about my thoughts and feelings about tiffs with relatives, friends or other crazies that I have met throughout my life. Come to think of it I don’t have a problem talking about these subjects ๐Ÿ™‚

I would prefer to maintain a personal journal to record my inner-most thoughts and password protect it! It’s the age of digital journals and I can write pretty much what I please without worrying about who would stumble upon my private thoughts and feelings compared to the old days when diaries could and would be opened by anyone from parents to ! Well that’s me.

But I should admit, these bloggers have lots of courage and I admire them for that. I love their bindaas attitudes which screams “I don’t care what the world thinks!” This is probably the reason why there are many more followers on such blogs compared to other not too personal blogs…Way to go people..hats off to you!


  1. I'm a private person too, and I flinch when I read posts that are too personal in nature. But I guess the people who read are not the people we know face to face, so it is Ok to write anything and allow it to be read… ?!!

  2. I guess you are right but what about friends and relatives that you know read the blog? Would you want them to know that u were drunk at a party last night, or smoked weed or broke up with your boy friend that you now refer fashionably as your Ex and how you like another guy and what you have been doing with him etc., and load the blog with lots of F bombs and other choicest of profanities … Honestly Pallavi, I was so confused after reading a blog of a 17 year old that had all that I have mentioned and more..makes me wonder what has happened to the citizens our country? Maybe I am just too old fashioned or just too old ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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