Different Worlds – some heavy ranting

It is such an interesting world…there are some countries (like where yours truly is from) where people start work early in the morning and continue late into the night and hardly complain. They go about it like it is their life’s mission – the mission which enables them to take care of bills and pay mortgages. Most don’t have the advantage of leaving work on the dot at 5:00PM or say something when their boss SMS’es them to be at work bright and early on a week end when they have worked until 2:00PM the previous night or when they are asked to cut short a holiday to get into work just because it is expected of them….Even Tea and Coffee is rationed at most places of work and folks don’t get to enjoy long luxurious lunches. Not to mention that the commute to and from work probably leaves them in bad mood for the entire week! If you happen to be a working woman, you have the additional exciting tasks like cooking dinner after a long day at work, cleaning up, wake up early next morning to cook lunch for you and your better half before you both rush to work , put up with your maid (if you have one)etc., If you have kids its even more fun – you just need to manage a sleepy or screaming toddler, drop em off at school or day care and rush to work before the boss can make a comment about why they should not be hired! More about this later.

Then there is the other side of the world – people get into work as they please. The moment they get into the office you will find that they have not even settled into their chairs or checked their emails but there they are already gossiping with others who don’t mind listening to their useless banter and the incessant ranting and complains! Some people are always too good for what they do, they are better than everyone else even when they are not, they need to keep telling themselves and you how you can never be the same as them even though you can and you already are (you are probably better). They have the knack of looking busy and stressed thereby exuding an important exterior. Men and women alike think its no big deal to miss deadlines, not turn up to meetings, not answer emails (heck they are busy browsing the internet) and basically do whatever it is that they please. They have great paid vacation time, protected by extremely strong employment laws where you cannot discriminate based on gender, color, race, medical conditions.. you are not even allowed to verify their performances at their previous jobs or for references!! Oh let me add that these kind of employees are rarely ever taken to task!

I am in awe of this world – how does this even exist? How can an organization with such employees show growth? How can such a world bloom and grow? This is a world protected by an excess of everything: land, food, water, strong laws and more. It is a world which going to be filled up with lazy folks who can’t do anything few years from now..a world where there would be very few achievers and one that would contain an overflow of those depending on the government to hand out benefits for any kind of disaster or personal problems that rise out of their own making. These folks are too lazy to work so they get fired and the govt has to hand out unemployment! I know of those who make sure that get fired so that they can collect unemployment without doing anything..And because they are unemployed they cant afford medical care so that government has to hand out free medical care! And what is the source of cash to make sure that all these people have a cushy life – tax payers money. A few people work hard and pay their taxes so that the rest of the country and sponge off someone’s sweat and blood.

When I think of such deep issues I only wonder if God is being unfair. Did he really create some countries and its citizens to be above others? Did he just create someone countries and its citizens to be slaves to these so called superior countries? Is he just so mad at some countries that he filled them with rotten politicians? What other rational explanation exists? And why is it that hard working citizens anywhere have it tougher than the lazy ones?? So many questions and no real answers….

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