TGIF!! 15-Oct-10 – Suicide of the Office Supplies

It’s Friday y’all! My favorite day of the week – a day whose evening I can look forward to and a day which makes the days that follow seem exciting. Hopefully I don’t have to hear the alarm go off on the week-ends, can laze around and spend time with myself, my family and loved ones. Nothing but pure bliss!

I wanted to share this extremely hilarious photo with everybody. I feel nothing explains the “TGIF” concept better. Last Friday someone at work just attached a pen holder, a docking station and what looks like a punching machine to a string and hung (yes hung) them to the ceiling!We all love our jobs which is probably the reason why we look forward to week ends and enjoy them in the first place. But every now I can’t help but not take myself too seriously and cut through the stress to enjoy such silly gestures! Enjoy an have a great week end!

P.S – I have named this photograph “Suicide of the Office Supplies”


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