I won!

Today has been a very exciting day for me – I won the chili cook-off contest at work! After years I participated in something and won. My recipe which was a desi version of the westernized Chili was selected as the winner and also found mention for originality and spice /kick! This was my first attempt and the reward is extremely motivating – at least it motivated me to update my food blog after 6 months! Honestly only I know that I was really mad at someone when I was cooking…but seems my anger was channeled well πŸ™‚
Since I have been working on my recipe, this is my post for today. Interested parties may please click here to read about chili and check if the recipe interests you.
Note to self: I really need to work on getting all my blogs in one spot!!! I am just not sure how to do it. if anybody has some suggestions please let me know.


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