Girl vs Diet

It was a boring “Tuesday” afternoon and she was contemplating about her assignment when her colleague made eye contact with her. Get into the kitchen said those eyes and then pointed to the big brown box that she was holding. Oh no! thought the girl – not this not now. Why does this always happen to me? But she couldn’t resist walking into the kitchen wondering about what the consequences of her careless action would be. Soon there were others bustling around them as the box opened to reveal its contents. As the girl fought the lat few ounces of temptation her mouth spoke the words – “There goes my diet!!!I will take a slice of the veggie pizza!!!!”

P.S – This is my second post for the day. The first was supposed to have been posted yesterday which is why I have 2 posts today. This is my first attempt a short story like thingie…am going to call these “shorty” 🙂



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