The MInd, Body and Yoga here I am on the path to finding myself and an important part of this project is to have some kind of discipline in life, the ability to shut off negative influences and concentrate on what is important to you as a person, a pure mind and body etc., I am not going to go on cos I might sound like a philosopher which I am not even close to… Speaking of a pure body and mind (ahem!! My body probably cries every time I feed it junk and my brains are overworked as they never rest) I have just started taking yoga classes as an important step of this journey 🙂 I was skeptical at first about yoga – you would be too if parts of your childhood were spent sitting with an aunt who chanted “Om” when you looked on like a deer struck by headlights wondering how this supposed to be fun! Anyways I digress.

Have you ever had the experience of trying to stretch like a cat years after school and college ? More simply put you are no longer between the age range of 16-27?? The only way I can describe how I felt when I tried the most simple and basic yoga stretches is confusion and pain!Here I was trying to concentrate on holding a cat-dog or cow or some kind of animal pose (maybe it was pigeon which actually makes it a bird pose) without tripping on myself or someone next to me! It seemed to be that my body was taking revenge on me for the years of abuse it had been subjected to over the last 3 decades!! And you what they say about pay backs – you get much more than you gave! And it didn’t help that some others were doing all of this without breaking into a sweat when I couldn’t even touch my toes..Those who know me well know that I am obsessed with touching my toes. It has been a life long endeavour of mine to touch my toes…I couldn’t do it when I was a kid, when I was dancing full time and I still can’t do it! I keep blaming it on my genes whilst some say its my hamstrings. This “unable to touch my own toes complex” has become a regular joke in my life because of which I have decided to overlook this inability of mine while navigating the journey of life. Getting back to my class, towards the end of it I was desperately looking forward to the death pose where you just lie down and relax!

All said and done a few classes later I find that I can do the cats, cows,dogs and even cobras but not the bird!! I try to take inspiration from my cat who can stretch himself like nobodies business and who thinks I am just being silly when I try to do the cat-cow and dog… he runs beneath me trying to play the “let me see if you will fall” game! But I do look forward to every class so maybe, just maybe I am finding some kind of discipline in my life after all.

So here is to me trying and filing my experiences here so that I can look back one day when I can do all the fancy back bends and remember my humble beginnings and laugh at the girl who was trying to something – I am hoping the future me would have it figured out the “something” by then 🙂

P.S – I had a very silly look on my face as I typed out this post – I have missed not posting on the weekend and I had nominated myself for the nablopo of all things….



  1. LOL! Atleast you are trying, and that too, really sincerely. That does matter a lot 🙂 As for me, I was 'forced' to do Yoga during MBA.. part of curriculum, and I remember our 'instructor' walking about with a long wooden stick, that she would faithfully use to wake us as we dozed off (some even snored!!!) during Shavasana 🙂

  2. Haha that is funny – snoring during Shavasana! Just glad that they didn't punish you girls asking you to hold a cobra or worse my current nemesis – the pigeon 🙂

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