Of Concentration, Me and MM

Have you ever wondered what happens to your sense of concentration once you are done with college? I have been trying hard (not real hard though) to start studying for a very important exam which I have been planning to write for quite some time now. Every time I open my books I go through the same experience which can very comically be described like this:

Me: Ok! Time to get serious..I need to pull up my socks and get this done! After all its for my own good…I can snag that corner office with a view some day (soon)!
MM: That’s right babe! You can do it…together we can conquer the world!

5 minutes later:

Me: Chapter 1: “XYZ is the term that is used to define process which describes……..”
MM: Are you comfortable in this seating position???
Me: Sure…I have never used a table and chair all my life! Why start now? XYZ is the terms that is used to define process which describes……..
MM: Sorry to interrupt, but your back is going to get all bendy this way and you will start hunching more than usual….
Me: grrrrok fine! I am moving to the table

After moving to the table:

Me:”XYZ is the term that is used to define process which describes blah blah and Blee. Those who are very adept at following these processes are referred to as……..”
MM: Gosh! What’s the sound I hear?? Is someone walking past your window??
Me: Grrr….shut up and concentrate! “XYZ is the terms….”
MM: Whatever! I think I need some coffee so that you can be fresh and really concentrate..
Me: Good Lord!! U are a pain…fine will get the coffee..

30 minutes later after coffee:

Me: “XYZ is the term………………..blah blah………bleh!” Yes finally I can remember this…I am done with one page! Yippeee
MM: Good Job! U need a break Let’s check whats on TV…..
Me: That is so true….we have been working hard on this for the past 30 minutes! Let’s check out the telly…

Another 30 minutes later:

Me: Ok lets get back to work…
MM: Yes! Yes!
Me: “Page 2: The entire XYZ process is depicted in the diagram below….”
MM: Speaking of diagrams did you notice that you still haven’t finished that painting??
Me: Yes..will get to it soon….”Page 2: The entire XYZ process….”
MM: You have been saying that for some time now…
Me: Can I please finish this page?? “Page 2: …..”
MM: Look you need to tidy up this place first…It is messing up with the Feng Shui of this room..this is why you can’t concentrate…
Me: Good Lord!! Please help šŸ˜¦

Finally, I just closed my books and decided that I was just not up to it at that moment. There was a time in life when I could sit at a place with my books and go on for hours! I woke up at 4:00AM and kept going till 9:00AM sometimes even longer with no real breaks! Only my books got my attention and nothing else…I could concentrate…Now I have become lost in this world of multi-tasking where I have to 100 things at a time to feel satisfied: read my book, check my email, clean my room, think of a solution for a work problem and more!Does life makes us this way? Or do the words of a good friend (who rarely reads this blog ) are true when he says: “It’s the age! You are just too old for this stuff!!”

Me:Gulp! I hope not…..dear God please help!
MM: Babes don’t you worry…..you can do it!



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