Landscapes and Knives

It’s taken me ages to publish this – my first major painting for the year! I completed this as a part of the oil painting classes that I took up earlier this year. My wonderful teacher introduced me to palette knives and I fell in love with then much that majority of this painting was completed using the palette knives. To add, this is my second landscape in my lifetime. Landscape always make me nervous..they still do! Hope I can get over my fear and do more…Honestly had my teacher not given me amazing directions I am not sure if this would have been the result.

I have been pretty lazy after this painting or maybe I am not inspired. Another painting which I started is still sitting on the wall only 20% complete. I am so hoping that I finish it in the next 2 months! I need to get my art mojo back. Until then enjoy this one and let me know what you think! I thrive on feedback…


  1. Wow, lovely. Look forward to seeing more. Do you plan to exhibit? Maybe you could think of creating a dedicated website for all your works – blogs don't really do justice to art!Kind regards…NTAK

  2. Thanks Arun! I hope I can do a show in the future..I need more pieces to display and more subjects to paint 🙂 Thanks for the website suggestion…I hadn't thought about this for thought 🙂

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