Conversations with MM

Tuesday afternoon after a long week end my mind (MM)which pretty much likes to do its own thing tells me:

MM: I wanna do something adventurous,
Go back packing some where or just pack and go somewhere (based on convenience),
Stay in a small town, in the mountains….

SR (that’s me):Maybe, but please ensure that there is running water and electricity…am all for the simple life but I need to shower everyday and not let the heat and mosquitoes kill me..

MM:(after a whatever expression)….Live the simple life
Write, paint, eat, sleep, grow my own vegetables, cook……

SR: Yeah sure – If we don’t get too lazy that is!BTW from where will the funding come for this dream trip??

MM: Why do you have to rain on my parade? Do u have to be practical all the time?? I can’t believe I live within you!! I am so adventurous, creative, and happy go lucky and u….

SR: Well…..

– Interrupted by a superior at work (SP@work)

SP@work: So whats the status on the blah blah item we were working on this morning???
SR: Well its going on a blah bleeh mode and should be done soon….

MM: While this silly girl is trying to work on real life let me go back and doze some more before she will let me fly.


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