An award and other random things…

I recently discovered that a few months ago I was conferred the “Honest Scrap” blog award, by Swarna for my thoughts and work on “Oodles of Doodles“. That blog and this one have been so ignored by me for the past year that I feel I need to hide under a table to avoid my embarrassment from letting laziness and the humdrum of life take over me! So in all earnestness I am looking at this award and the tag that was associated with it as a sign for me to wake up from hibernation and let my mind flow…

So here goes….25 random things about me! 25 is a bit much but I will try! I just hope I can stop 🙂

  1. I love so many things in life and want to do so many things before I die that its difficult to make a list………..
  2. I savor silence, solitude and personal space
  3. I have a desperate need for everything to be organized and clean that I feel that I maybe a borderline OCD case!!
  4. Even though I don’t fall into the short category in terms of height, I am crazy for heels….
  5. I am a very private person and don’t like other folks intruding in my space
  6. I believe in God and that destiny shapes a person’s life and that a woman’s intuition about something must always be listened to.
  7. I love love loooooove my pets! So much that I feel they they are better to hang out with rather than annoying humans!
  8. I always find it difficult to make decisions! Even after I make the decision I always ponder and dissect it to ensure that it is correct driving myself nuts in the process!
  9. If you force me do to something that I am not sure of or don’t want to do I will turn around and run the in other direction away from you!
  10. If you were to tell me that I cannot do something, I will always have a need to prove you wrong!
  11. I can eat anything vegetarian as long as its not bitter gourd!!
  12. If you steal my thunder I would most probably hate you!
  13. I dream of the day that I could do what I love for a living
  14. I hate politics – at work and in life!
  15. Books, music and television are very important in my life
  16. I prefer watching comedy genre movies than serious ones!
  17. I don’t like crowded places; too much commotion drains me out
  18. Sometimes I tend to talk a much that you can’t stop me
  19. I set the bar really high for myself and am always disappointed if I can’t make it
  20. I do what I think is right no matter what the rest of world thinks about it
  21. I don’t like to dominate or be dominated by anyone
  22. I have had secret ambitions to be a chef and a writer..
  23. Sometimes I lack discipline when it comes to sticking to an exercise or study routine
  24. I respect those who respect animals! If someone were to tell me that they hate dogs or cats for no good reason I won’t think much of them…
  25. Unless they are at an interview I don’t think much about folks who keep talking about themselves and try to make themselves seem important and intelligent to get some attention..

OK. time for me to stop!!! If you stop by this blog please do say Hi using the comments section!


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