R u feeling "Lucky"?

I definitely do!! Lucky is my little black kitty. He was rescued by a co-worker and she got him into work as she was trying to find a home for him. He came home with me that day and has been there since. Lucky is a is a mischievous little black / brown kitty with little tufts of white and makes me laugh each day and is a special member of the family. In fact he tried helping me while I was doing this painting (in his own little way of course). He tried holding the brush, sitting on my lap and I even caught him staring at the painting a few times….I was skeptical about doing a painting of him as I have never painted animals before..Finally I took the plunge and this is the result. This is oil on gesso board, again a first. I plan to paint more animals in the future…


  1. Very nice! You did a great job… maybe one day I'll get the courage to paint my black kitties – but drawing them is enough of a challenge for me now.

  2. This is a lovely painting – I have heard a lot about cats and how very helpful they are when you are trying to draw or paint them. I llok forward to your future postings

  3. Beautiful drawn eyes! ^^ We have a wild cat here that looks almost like him. We're calling him/her Blade, still trying really hard to get it tamed.

  4. He's beautiful! I have a soft spot in my heart for black cats. My favorite, Beany lived to be 18 and was a solid black beauty. Miss him like crazy. You did a great job!

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