And I start this year with……Books!

Art and Books are perfect beginning for my blogs this year! I have been more regular with my brushes than I have been with my writing! It seemed like I couldn’t write about anything when the topics of books hit me…I have been reading two of them this month and wanted to post my thoughts.

The first one was “Devil Bones” by Kathy Reichs. The author is an renowned anthropologist and her life and experiences have been made into the hit reality TV show “Bones” of which I am a great fan of. I had been waiting to read her books for a really long time and finally found them at the local library. Well to say I was not disappointed would be far from the truth. The author says that she is not a trained writer and it shows! This was one book where I actually skipped pages just to get through…it is so strange considering the synopsis of the book guarantees a page turner. This is what the synopsis said:

“In a house under renovation, a plumber uncovers a cellar no one knew about, and makes a rather grisly discovery — a decapitated chicken, animal bones, and cauldrons containing beads, feathers, and other relics of religious ceremonies. In the center of the shrine is the skull of a teenage girl. Meanwhile, on a nearby lake shore, the headless body of a teenage boy is found by a man walking his dog.

Led by a preacher turned politician, citizen vigilantes blame devil worshippers and Wiccans and begin a witch hunt, intent on seeking revenge. Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan — “five-five, feisty, and forty-plus” — is called in to investigate, and a complex and gripping tale unfolds in this deadly mix of voodoo, Santería, and devil worship.”

This seemingly thrilling plot was intertwined with useless romances of the main protagonist, voodoo and devil worship (which may get a readers attention ) and descriptions of the human anatomy (which is not my strong subject) and high way descriptions of North Carolina! Half way through the book, I forgot who the characters were and what exactly each one was trying to or had done! If you like human anatomy and scientific research give the book a try and maybe you wont feel like me! I was let down – maybe it’s because I am so used to the dynamic, intelligent portrait of Dr. Temperance Brennan and the strong, charming and funny FBI agent Seeley Booth on the TV series. Neither the character of Tempe nor the FBI detectives live up to this mark..

Just to balance reading something like “Devil Bones” I started reading Sophie Kinsella’s “Can you keep a secret?” OK! I have to tell you I was tempted to pick up this book as this author is frequently mentioned on one of my favorite blogs “Life, Books and More”. Plus I haven’t read chick lit in years… this book was funny and entertaining! The classic story of the black horse that triumphs, only the black horse in this case being Emma – a twenty something Londoner with a crappy job, struggling with crazy colleagues, few best friends, a cousin who stole most of her childhood and other equally crazy characters. While on a business trip, the plane on which Emma is flying heads into turbulence. Fearing that she may die, she gives in to a sudden bout of hysterics and reveals all her secrets including the most embarrassing ones to her fellow passenger. Now for the twist in the tale – she turns up to work the next day and guess who is visiting the company to supervise its European operations? None other than one of the companies founder Jack Harper – the fellow passenger from Emma’s flight! After that its a Laughton all the way to the end and how Emma finally gets what makes her happy and her romance with the mysterious Jack Harper forms the rest of the book!

I loved it… It is a wonderful feeling to escape from real life into books such as these. But me being me, my silly mind wandered to imagine how it would be if something like this were to happen in real life… The heroine would probably work in a software company surrounded by colleagues who are silly in their own ways and the bosses would most probably be egoistic middle aged males, if not middle aged I am pretty sure a good chunk of them would be obnoxious…..the chance of romance – pretty much zero! A male reader may be getting ready to shoot me a hate mail but try polling female readers and many would be support what I just said 😀


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  1. lol @ ur imagination 😀 and if trust me this book isn't even Kinsella's better work!!! I rate her Shopaholic series much much higher so go grab a copy & trust me u'll not regret. You won't believe I have read the whole series twice :DAs far as back cover duping you, well it has happened with me several times and it hurts u more if you have been waiting for the books for quite some time!!!Cool reviews and good to see that u r trying to break through your block 🙂

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