The curious case of the designer bag

Have you ever wondered why you can never find something when you need it the most? You are turning the house upside down to locate that important bill that you need to pay today as it is the last day and you just can’t seem to spot it? How you can’t find your keys or those discount coupons when you need to leave the house in the next few minutes? And surprise, surprise how these objects usually turn up in the most unusual places when you are not looking for them! It seems to be some weird law of nature that states:

a) You shall never get anything when you need it the most!

b) One can never stick to a budget when it comes to gift vouchers! You would always have to spend more than what is on the voucher to make us of it!

I am pretty sure there are Murphy’s laws which states these weird ways of life. If you are wondering why I wrote this post, please keep reading as it describes how both laws came to play in a single day though in different ways:

Yesterday I realized that I had a gift coupon from one of the huge stores in the area. The store carried pretty much everything from clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen electronics, bath and bedding, cosmetics, jewelry and more at affordable costs. It was the last day that I could use the coupon before it expired – so I decided to go and treat myself to all the possibilities that the store offered. I was excited to have found the coupon before it expired and not after! The first law was disproved and I was excited. I made a trip to the store and spent about 1 hour walking through the entire store only to find:

  • The jacket that I wanted was not available in my size. They had a size bigger and a size smaller but no stock when it cam to my size.

  • The pretty yellow sweater I wanted – they only had the larger sizes

  • I didn’t want shoes or jewellery so those sections were out of the running

  • No kitchen electronics to interest me and I didn’t care much for kid stuff or make up!

  • And the bags – none to catch my interest! I had been looking at the same bags in the store for more than a year now!

What’s a girl to do? The first law was rearing its head again…..Finally I spotted a beautiful handbag in mustard yellow under a mound of dull and boring bags. I have wanted to get a bag in that color for a long time now! So I inspected it and found out that I had to shell out extra cash (apart from the gift voucher) to make it mine! Hello second law!

I walked another half hour throughout the store checking if I could find something else instead. Defeated I finally walked up to the billing counter and parted with the extra cash. The lady at the counter exclaimed – wow you found an amazing deal and all I thought in my head was “Lady, you have no idea!” As I walked out with my new bag, I consoled my self saying that I had got a nice designer bag at an affordable cost. Nature’s laws had struck again but in different ways – I did find the coupon but didn’t really find something worthy of it and per the rule had to spend more to get something worthy. And this is how I ended up buying the mustard yellow color bag which I have wanted for quit some time now.



  1. LOL! Always happens! Once we got a voucher for GBP 250, quite a huge sum of money, and when we went to the store, with a whole list of 'gifts for him, her and baby', we realised we could get NOTHING in that amount! Sigh!!

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