The White Tiger

I know I was a bit late in the game when it came to this book however I picked up this book with great expectations considering it had win a booker prize and stuff! At the end of it have mixed feelings about the book.

First I appreciate the fact that an Indian author like Aravind Adiga was able to command an international prize and people around the world have been able to appreciate his writing abilities. But then why is that people around the world seem to usually appreciate books that show India in a poor light? Or do the authors deliberately write books like this to expose their talents to an otherwise unappreciative international audience?

I don’t feel like reviewing this book at all – it has been done by millions around the world already! I am just peeved about the fact that this book describes India and Indians in a very poor light and books like these will ever change the view of what the world thinks of us! It just pits Indians against Indians and the world will continue to think that they can boss over us! India and its mindset is slowly changing – it is a slow process but it is happening and I think we should stop writing best sellers that show us in a poor light! However the book is gutsy and I guess the author was ready to take the flake from what people like me would say. Pick it up if you like thrashing India and fellow Indians or you think India will never change or if you are just interested in a black humor literature! You will either love this book or will hate it..



  1. I hated the book. Read only the first few pages, and it put me off so badly, I had to shut the book and throw it away. I think people do anything for their share of fame, even if it is at the cost of depicting one's homeland in utterly disgusting light in front of the world. Good review, Shweta.

  2. SmitaAgreed that the portrayal is real but then writers should stop resorting to this pathological need to show our country in poor light just to make it big…PallaviThanks! U definitely echo my feelings..

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