Fancy a "hearty" latte?

Here is my take on a cup of gourmet latte. Initially it was just the cup of coffee. Feeling that the cup needed some company especially on a 9*11 canvas, I got adventurous and added some coffee beans. I have kept the background simple as I wanted it to look like a wooden table! This is one is completely different than my other paintings.. I just painted the way the brush felt like moving – it seemed to have a mind of its own! This one was inspired from all the fancy work that barristas can do with a cup of coffee these days. As always your thoughts are welcome.



  1. Looks very nice di… makes me want to get a cup of latte. Very nice, and good touch, that adding coffee beans and the heart. BTW, what do you do with the completed paintings?

  2. Just now the brat peeked into the laptop and I told him you had painted it. He asked me 'did she draw the heart?'. I was like 'no, the whole thing, table, cup, saucer, coffee, coffee beans and the heart.' He still doesn't believe it 🙂

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