At last……I’m back! and Sunflowers are In!

Finally! After close to 5 years I was able to complete an oil painting. I love sunflowers – they are always bright and cheerful! It took me more than 2 weeks to complete this oil painting.. I was so excited that I wanted to add a lady bird to one of the petals but I resisted! This painting is oil on mounted canvas 9 inches * 12 inches. The photo has not come out that great…it hardly seems to do justice to the light sky blue background of this painting. The canvas is still drying and I will take a better picture when its completely dry. Maybe that would help. What do you think of the painting?Please be brutal with your thoughts!


  1. 'Brutally with your comments'… ok, it looks very very beautiful… I'd say one of your bests… I love the petals and also the center part, there is so much pattern and texture in the center part.. it must have taken more time than the other parts I think… looks absolutely lovely… Subhs

  2. Smita..thanks! good to see you here :-) man – thank you very much!Shubhs, you are right!the center part did take longer than the rest and it was actually more nerve racking cos it can make or doom the painting…Thanks for stopping by.Rums, thanks!

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