Desi Village – King Of Prussia, PA

Typical Indian restaurant – dim lighting, posters of Indian art, tissue table cloths (on top of normal table cloths of course) tables and booths arranged neatly will welcome you when you enter this restaurant situated at KOP. The food is typical – a buffet during lunch hours and a-la-carte menus for dinners.

I felt that this restaurant had more choice for vegetarians as far as the buffet was concerned. The curry with the paneer in it was quite terrible! The dessert offerings were pretty plain and boring with kheer, carrot halwa and gulab jamoons (dry ones at that) to name a few. As with most Indian restaurants the food was greasy and heavy.

There is nothing different about the dinner menu. For vegetarians I would recommend the dal makhani and the bhindi masala. The tandoori paneer is pretty impressive – the paneer is soft and is well marinated and grilled with the onions and bell peppers marinated in the perfect masala mix. However all items are pretty much over priced! The biryani costed $15 and was a total disappointment! The beans in the biryani was pretty stringy and had to be pulled out before they could be swallowed. A special mention has to be made to the raitha that was served with the biryani.. I am not sure why it was served in the first place – it was thick yogurt with some shredded carrot and sugar added! Thats right! This item was so sweet and was unlike anything that regular Indians would call raitha!Honestly this item should not be served even if its complimentary!

All the breads like nans and parathas were served hot with an extra coating of butter on top (if you are watching your weight or are on a low card diet I would suggest you skip these items). Not to mention that you would be eating in he dark half the time with a single tea light candle for company unless you have been seated under the booth below the scenic photograph lighted behind by strong tubelights.

Since there are not that many good Indian restaurants around KOP or the nearby cities like Conshohocken or Phoenixville “Desi Village” would temporarily satisfy someone with the occasional craving for Indian food. However I would not recommend it for regular visits – not unless you are ready to blow at least $20 per meal for 1 person!

Location – 145 S Gulph Rd,King of Prussia, PA 19406-3103
Category – Indian
Recommend – Eat once or twice
Cost – Apprx $30 – $35 for two


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