Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Okay! When I saw this book at the store I was surprised – It was actually some 300 pages long! I recall reading this book when I was in school with colorful pictures of Alice sticking out of the little house of the white rabbit and some playing cards painting white roses red and it was about 15 pages tops! Obviously I couldn’t resist a detailed novel of the adventures of Alice and the classic book seemed to call out to me. I read it quite patiently… it was pretty interesting at first but half way down the book I couldn’t help but thinking Alice was just an annoying little girl.. She reminds me of the likes Miss Goody two shoes and of someone who always seems to act like she thinks beyond her age that its annoying. Well the book with its other fanciful characters like the mad hatter and the hare, the grinning Cheshire cat and the Queen of Hearts did make up more than enough. I could not fathom what kids could learn from this story..however it will feed their imagination. The second part of the book “Through the looking glass” was not as interesting as the first one…or maybe its just me…adults may fall asleep while reading how Alice was trying to move across a chessboard to join the Queen and be “Queen” for a day!

I am waiting for the movie to be released – It will be definitely worth it watching Johnny Depp (Oh yeah!) as the mad hatter and Helena Bohem Carter as the Queen of hearts. The teaser trailer is available at

As for the book, buy it for your kids and read it to them at night, but just make sure you don’t fall asleep instead of the other way around!


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