Fighting Negativity: One Annoying person at a time!

Some of these random questions have been troubling me of late: Where would you draw the line for those trying to nose their way into your life and yack about how you should or shouldn’t be living it? Is it appropriate when relatives want to know how much you earn and what your spending pattern looks like or what you should or shouldn’t wear? How do you deal with all those who think that they know all and have it all together? Do people have the right to push their opinions on you whether you like it or not?

When it actually comes to being useful to those around you I feel there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that can actually make a positive difference in your life with kind words, moral support and genuinely try to help you and the others who claim that they know everything (when they don’t) and think that they help you while blabbering hours together about what you should and shouldn’t do and don’t really help you at all! I hate this second category and sometimes I just wish I could do away with such folks. But the journey of life is such that these people get rammed down your neck whether you like it or not and you just can’t tell them off [especially when you are related 😦 ]

The best escape mechanism I have come up with is avoidance! If I think that these people don’t exist then they don’t! Call it living in denial!! A single phone call from folks like this can spoil you entire day and since I decided that I won’t have more days in my life ruined I avoid such calls πŸ™‚ I prefer to read my books, do my sketches, listen to music and basically do everything which in “their” opinion means wasting my life! How do you deal with problem cases like this? Is my way the best way or do you have something better?? Do let me know – Your thoughts could prove to be extremely useful.


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