Slumdog’s Oscar: What it can teach us

The much awaited Oscar night is over at last and our very own slums shined bright with ARR at its helm. I was bowled over by his acceptance speech which was a 1 minute lesson in humility. Thanking the great G and his mother, he had absolutely no airs about him and could have very much passed for the guy next door who had just strolled onto the red carpet.
I see a lot of people around me who walk around as if they were God’s gift to humanity (yeah right!). They talk and continue blabbering because they probably love the sound of their own voices. On more than one occasion I have been able to see through these folks..they have no clue of what is going on and what they are talking about. Having done nothing on their own they seem to live out of someone elses achievements and ideas and lie like nobodies business. Listening to such folks gives me migraines and after a certain point of being jailed in such conversations, my eyes see their lips go blah, blah, blah while my mind is plotting its escape.
In the midst of a world like this, ARR stands out. A man of few words but full of knowledge and talent.First I loved his music but I am convinced that it is his character that probably makes him the genius that he is and my hero! Now, more than ever I am convinced that empty vessels make more noise.How do you deal with empty vessels, nee people in your life?


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