Une jolie fleur pour la belle dame

My second real water color painting attempt. I should say it went better than my first one. After all the reading up on water color techniques this is what I came up with. I also tried a collage like technique to present the painting by superimposing my painting on a plain white sheet. Fancy eh??Being more of an oil colors persons, I just don’t understand these water colors! They seem pretty complicated to me. But being a watercolor neophyte I am trying to understand the mystery behind these colors.

On a different note, I would like to dedicate this one to the person who is always the first one to take a look at my posts on this blog and comment. She is getting married later this week and I thought this would be the best gift from me!

Swarna, wish you a happy married life!



  1. thanks a millionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this is like a big big surprise to me early morn as soon as i wake up… u made my day and that rose looks jus perrrrrrrfect! lovely! i treasure such gifts than the materialistic ones.. u jus filled my heart :)… thanks again! Keep tryin ur hands on water colors…its really nice

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