Equal Rites

Title: Equal Rites
Author: Terry Pratchett
Series: Discworld series
Genre: Science Fiction, Humor

Summary: The first book in the witches’ series of the Discworld novels. This book is one to tickle your funny bones. The book follows the journey of one girl to attend wizard school at a time when women were not allowed into the university. Esk, an 8th daughter of an 8th son is erroneously made the heir of a wizard before his death. Apparently the dying wizard thought that she was a boy! Granny Weatherwax the formidable witch of the village “Bad Ass” (yes that is correct!) helps her to become a witch and a wizard! The novel is about the battle between the sexes and is filled with plenty of humor, a mysterious staff and adventures that keep you turning the pages.

My favorite character was definitely Granny Weatherwax. An extremely confident and intelligent witch who gets things done her way and fixes most people by just staring at them!

I wonder if JKR could have possibly borrowed a lot of ideas from these books which were published in the late eighties. The book has references to the school of wizardry called the Unseen university with its mysterious cellars, library full of live books, gargoyles on building columns that move away when it rains so that they can avoid getting wet, wizards dueling etc.,! Seems Hogwarts was just a richer version of the “Unseen University” so called because it is not visible to the normal human eye. There are also references to plants that scream when uprooted which was JKRs version of mandrakes and much more. I simply enjoyed the book and would definitely read it again in the future.

Close on the heels of the women in India trying to beat down the Rama Sena and other stupid groups with pink lingerie and more, I thought that it was perfect timing that I chose to read this book!

Verdict – Buy and Read. Definitely one for your personal library.

Finished: 16th February 2009
Rating: *****


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