The Pink Chaddi Campaign

This is totally amazing and hats off to the brave women and men who came up with this idea and are doing everything possible to stick it to the Rama Sena. Here is my contribution to your campaign – Right now all I can do is spread the word and pledge my allegiance by sporting the logo of this campaign on my blog! All you fellow bloggers against all this monstrosity, please do join the motion! “Yo Rama Sena! In your face!!!! You guys are pathetic loosers and we will rock u!!”

Here is the link to the details of the campaign. Join and let these jerks know we won’t put up with them!

Pramod Muthalik, loads of “jaadoo ki jappis and chaddis coming your way”! Courtesy the women of India who can make chapathis and go to the pubs!

Happy Valentines day all!!!



  1. loved the last line..women who can make chapathis and go to the pub also……hope all these protests bring a change in the attitudes of thei Ram sene.

  2. Ram Sena or any body wants the women to be respected in teh same manner as were in Indian mythology and thats not possible inside a a Pub !And if they are trying to Sadharafy u people are gifing away your Chaddis to them Arey baba AAP log sharafat kee chaddi pehno pehle phir batna

  3. Menfolk, Congress is already screwing a million innocent men with discriminatory anti-male laws with excuse of “gender equality”. Before you talk about equality, think about yourself and your future first. No one will come to rescue you, if you get a false “sexual harassment” case on you and get disgraced as no one trusts you and in the end lose a million rupees. Wake up before it is too late. Men are the endangered species in India today. Join Indian MEN’s RIGHTS movement for the sake of your own future. Choice is yours.Oppose, Sri Ram Sena. However, take care that you do not allow the radical feminists or Congress to discriminate all men due to Sri Ram Sena’s activities.'s_rights_movement_in_India

  4. ear Anonymous, firstly thanks for visiting.To quote a few examples from Hindu Mythology and Indian festivals:1. When Draupadi was molested by the Kauravas, there was war! From this do note, when you get into torturing women there will be war. Even in mythology when women were not respected things didnt’t go away quietly but kingdoms were destroyed.2. Baang is a drink that is enjoyed by men and women alike during Holi and maybe other festivals – Again its in our culture to drink and be merry.3. Polygamy is not a part of our culture – but we have ministers, even CMs that have 3 wives and more! Can the sena please tell the minister that this is wrong?And this is definitely not in our culture – raping tourists, nuns, other young girls and women in broad daylight etc., I mean were was the sena to “sadarfy” the men who commited all these atrocities???No where in our culture, it says that we molest and torture women. That said and done, all that we are saying is that who is this ‘Rama Sena’ to “sadharfy” women as u say??? These women have their own families who can take care of them, if the families ignore them its still nobodies business unless said women create public nuisance at which point, the police step in and administer their own harassment! So Rama Sena and any other bloody sena needs to stay out. This said and done, we are still being decent by giving away chaddis! Hum sharafat ki chaddi pehenrehe hai, isiliye hum chaddi bech rehe hai varna kuch aur bechthe! And please note we are also doing a lot of gandhigiri by sending these idiots cards for V day!! It seems that these folks dont understand that Valentines day is not just for couples but also for parents and kids, for brothers and sisters etc! But no – people have to make this also vulgar! Also, we are no longer living in ages of ancient mythology. Women have stepped out are independant and earn along with keeping house and serving their husbands. In ancient mythology women were in mahals and the men took good care of them which in contrast with the fact that men still demand dowry and ask for working women to be their wives!If the men have no shame in accepting the woman’s help and her hard earned money, I think one should be willing to put up with everything else that comes with it. Let me also point out that there are many women who drink coke inside a pub! Respect can be given anywhere – pub or streets or offices! First let these men learn to talk to women looking at their faces! If you think moral policing is required, please start that with your own family and friends and then support these groups. Take it easy – here is a virtual jadoo ki jappi to you too – Enjoy the day with your family! Peace be with you!

  5. Sumanth, we are not discriminating against all men! That is not what this is about at all. In fact many decent men support us and play lot of important roles in our lives for which we are thankful. All we ask is respect our space and treat us like you would treat your own mother,sister or friend. At least that’s how most of us treat men in our lives – the way we treat our fathers, brothers and friends! We are opposed to using religion to control our gender. Also Men are not endangered species. In fact the number of women are lesser than men – thanks to many who kill all the female babies! So chill.Respect should be earned and cannot be gained by trying to control.

  6. Renu, that is correct and is the absolute truth. Indian women today are home makers, earn for the family, dominate board rooms and also make the list of powerful people in the world. Who are these people to say that women should learn to make food and serve their husbands when we already do that and more!

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