Today I weep for my India…

The latest happenings about the Rama Senas attack on girls hitting the pubs at Mangalore makes me seethe with anger and I have half a mind to hurl a bunch of curses and abuses at the people involved! Just that I have a fear that I would end up dead in the process. What makes this issue even worse are the statements of the founder of this backward organisation, Pramod Muthalik, who repeats at every possible opportunity that this is a small issue that has been blow out of proportion!
Yeah rite! Definitely blown out of proportion – an attack by 40 men on girls partying at the pubs is a very small issue. The fact that these jerks have probably scarred these young women for life is a very small issue. The fact that Muthalik states that this was not something that he approved and that things just go wrong in situations like this is a very small issue! I wonder what take the man would have if his daughters, or sisters or any other women that he knew had been attacked this way.
Another ugly side to this whole issue are the statements issued by these sanctimonious jerks about how they are trying hard to preserve the culture of our dear India. Protect and preserve the culture by assaulting women? Is that our culture? Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that all their righteous crap has been directed only towards women – about women drinking, smoking, partying, dressing up etc? What about men?? Don’t we see men drinking and behaving obnoxiously at these very same pubs? Not to mentions other bars and local legalised wine shops in the country, men beating up women, abusing their wives, men trying to take advantage of women and children, ministers practising polygamy, child abuse and the list can go on. Where are these groups when all this is was and still continues to happen? Didn’t they feel the urge to preserve our culture? They talk about skimpy outfits but it seems they can’t control the Bipashas, Priyankas, the king fisher calendars and others from the fashion and film world who need no excuse to drop their clothes!
To the organisations like the Rama Sena: Why do you drag the country down? Thanks to folks like yourselves our nation can never really move forward. For every 5 steps we take forward, you pull us back by 1000. Please note that the parents and relatives of these women have more to do with the behaviour of these women than people like you who have no connection to them!They have more rights to correct the behaviours of their wards than you and if they don’t it is still none of your business. You are not preserving our culture but rather making our country, its people and many other normal decent human beings look bad. Someone rightly mentioned that you are trying to Talibanise Karnataka. That is the biggest insult that can be hurled at anyone and if nothing shames you about what has happened this should.
Will these men get the punishment they deserve for ruining the lives of these women? Or will the loose laws and practices of the land just set them free so that they can prey on more people to satisfy their own agenda? Gandhiji once said “the day that a woman could walk the roads at night without any fear for her being was the day when India would truly become independent”. Seems he had the clairvoyance which clearly indicated that chauvinists from groups like the Rama Sena may roam the Indian soil. I pray that the folks involved in this charade get nothing lesser than a life imprisonment. I am still allowed to dream aren’t I or do men like these think its against our culture?
Note: I have never been this angry while publishing a post. For someone who is always trying to look at the lighter side of life this was too much for me. I still dream of an India that would be a world leader one day, a India where women are truly free, a India where children are happy, safe and healthy, a India that is no longer a developing nation but a truly developed one. Jai Hind!


  1. A supreme court commented that the terrorists are not human beings but animals, what will he call these rogue elements. These people should be shot at sight and or it would be better to leave them totally incapacited that they can only crawl all their lives and will tell their tales as to why this has happened and will be a lesson for the future generations.

  2. This is a shame on us , and I detest the onlookers also,if there are some animals in our society then worse are those who watch silently all these atrocities…what was the crowd doing there? Why nobody came forward? what type of indifferent society we are creating?qll of us must makwe a resolve..that if ever we are a witness to any crime, we will not be mute bystander..tht can be the only fitting reply to all

  3. Once again women are being told that they need to be the eternal sati savithri and have to take all the blame for the decadancei in our culture, stinks of male machismo, egomaniacal behaviour, will this ever end???

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