Hair raising stories

Women and hair – the saga continues. This story of ‘never ending love’ never ceases to amaze me. The quest for beautiful, healthy hair is something that I embarked upon several years ago but yet remains an unfulfilled dream. If the range of different hair oils, shampoos and conditioners that line my shelves could talk they would narrate the tale of my quest. This morning I found myself staring at the mirror that stood over the bathroom sink surrounded by the goo of yet another hair pack. Owing to the watery nature of the pack it seemed to be all over the beautiful white titles and for a while it seemed like that more of the pack was on the tiles than on my hair! I was cursing myself and my sensitive stresses, swore to cut off my hair on the third day after a no moon day and made a mental note to block a good half hour of my time during the day to clean the bathroom sink and the mirror.

That’s right! Who needs long hair when short and chic is always in! Especially when I have been blessed with sensitive stresses with a even more sensitive scalp to boot. I share horror stories with my friends who in turn share the same woes. Eat healthy we have been told, no stress, protect your head from the extreme weather, blah, blah! I am a woman I protest, and in this age I can’t live in a glass box free from all environmental stress factors!!! Still as someone who has religiously followed some of these instructions while travelling in the fast lanes of life I’d say that my stresses deserve nothing more than a good slap. The strands all over the house stand as a tribute to all my hard work in life. Every strand has a share in some victorious achievement; if I don’t keep telling myself lines like that, I find myself trying to fight off bouts of tears, anxiety and depression which in the words of all the wise people of this world, will lead to more my strands decorating the bathroom floor! Sniff!!!

As I type this post, I find more strands wandering about on my carpets. They snuggle close to my feet and as I pick them up making another mental note to clean the carpets, I wonder if I could a find way to stick these back into my head – that would be genius wouldn’t it? I wonder how the protein shafts of the hair follicles can be made healthier. Oops I shouldn’t think too hard – apparently using your brains a lot heats up your head and leads to more hair fall. I just remembered, I need to prepare a conditioning pack to go with the pack that’s on the floor, I mean on my head. And the saga continues…



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