The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Title – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Series – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Author – Douglas Adams
Genre – Science Fiction, Humor

Summary – The second book in the series of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy starts off where the first book ends. Based on a request to grab a quick bite, Zaphod, Ford, Arthur, Trillian and Marvin are whisked off to the nearest restaurant at the end of the universe called ‘Milliways’ by their ever friendly and polite computer ‘The Heart of Gold’. The motley crew witness the destruction of the earth by the duty conscious Vogons and split up along the way completely by accident! The story revolves around Zaphod unlocking the mysteries in one of his brains, paying a visit to the ruler of universe (a senile old man who talks to a table and waits for it to respond), and Ford along with Arthur completing their own time travel that ends with them meeting the early human ancestors, a bunch of crazy and stupid folks who have been sent away from their own planets by other superior beings under the pretext of an impending invasion. The story goes all around the galaxy but comes together in the end and Adams has ensured that the book is as funny as its predecessor. At the end of it, we are left wondering what would come next. Will the crew get back together? What about Marvin the depressed and super intelligent robot? What is he up to? Will they find the meaning of the Universe, Life and everything??I can’t wait to read the next book in this totally non serious series.

To those who may be interested in reading these books – please read them in order so that you can avoid feeling like our friends would after a pan galactic gargle blaster 🙂

Verdict – Read and read again and again and again……………..

Finished: 8’th Jan 2009
Rating: ****


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