Dear mind, please feel free to wander….

Ever wondered what is the best way to kill time? Over the last few months I have had plenty of that on my hands but I just didn’t know what to do! The only use was obsessing over work and projects as I couldn’t channel my creative mind to make use of all these freely wandering energy matters. Here are a few crazy thoughts from my head – I felt like a part of the Clinic Plus anti dandruff shampoo commercial whose tag line was ‘now that your head is flake free your mind is free to wander’ and yes, this list seems pretty hilarious to me!

1. I should have been an archaeologist – I would have travelled the world, discovered treasures, be the hot archaeologist who documents her works as a fictional best sellers, make a lot of money, meet prince charming and live happily ever after! Well I am not sure how I could have realized this dream when I could hardly fathom history and geography!

2. I should have taken a course on cake and pastry making, I am sure I would have been pretty good at making some of these fancy cakes that I see on the food network challenge shows. I can open my own joint with a fancy name that would stock and serve jazzy coffees and cup cakes!

3. I should do a beautiful piece of art – something very surreal that would be complicated to make sense of! Well…seems my creative juices have been blocked and my keys to my imagination had been thrown away since I started working and trying hard to locate it….

4. Man! I should have been a chef – I would have opened my own restaurant and churned out colorful cookbooks. I wouldn’t have to worry about projects, interfaces and integration!

5. Maybe I should at least attempt at updating my blogs regularly, that way I could attempt to regain my past glory at churning out essays, articles and crazy poems!

6. I should sketch from my imagination! Stupid girl look for those keys to the imagination that have been lost!

7. Let me design my dream house with Google SketchUp. When it actually comes to constructing said home someday I would be ready with an initial draft! Stupid, Stupid….first find the key, then learn how to use google SketchUp!

8. Why not try writing a book about my experiences over the last few years of living alone, girl power etc.,! God I can’t think of a plot to save my book! I have a character for the vamp based on my last roomie else am just blank! God, I need that key!

9. Anthropology! What is that?? But it sure does look good on ‘Bones’! I blame my parents – I bet even they didn’t know what anthropology was and its entirely their fault that I am not an anthropologist! Come to think of it, now that I do know what this branch of science is I would have probably fainted on the sight of blood and flesh….. Also I don’t think I would have partnered with a good looking FBI agent! This is real life after all…

10. I should have been stubborn and pursued my dancing! That must have been more satisfying; salsa, swing and jazz; there is no way I could have found teachers for these styles in the 90’s! God! I am old wah wah

11. Play out situations in my head wherein I stick it to my detractors! Man! That feels so good…Modeled on superstars words my tag line would be ‘Yen Vazhi thani vazhi, kuruke vande.. I will kick your butt!

12. Cheese and Coffee – I love both of these, and I need to take the time to know the different varieties of the same and use it to seem like a smart cookie at conversations… Do you know what differentiates goat cheese from feta?? I can imagine the flummoxed look on the faces in the group where this question was raised!

13. My favorite – Get a dog. A nice yellow Labrador, nope a chocolate lab, nope a German shepherd, nope a golden retriever….maybe a orange tabby cat, no way maybe a Dalmatian, nah a Daschund its smaller and can be in an apartment……what about a Doberman to scare away unwanted guests…..

14. Try and do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Once it is complete, I could frame it and mount it on the wall of the dream house whose design I am yet to do using Google SketchUp! Darn!

15. Make a list of things to shop for when I win a million dollars at the lottery!

16. Finalize on what I could wish for if God appeared in front of me one day, sick and tired of my wandering mind.

17. I have become the Vice President at the organization that I work for! I have this cabin with an amazing view on the 16th floor with an assistant outside my cabin! I am busy as a bee and I drive a Mercedes. Wow!

18. Try and read Homer’s Odyssey! I am a sucker for historical narrations – but I am too busy letting my mind wander and conjure up the above!

And there is more, more and more. But my fingers are too tired to type! Have a laugh at my expense and so let me know the crazy thoughts from your wandering mind 🙂



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