The coffee break – Electronics and Furniture for sale!

Since the most popular topic of conversation at the IT office cafeterias is the ongoing Financial crisis, I couldn’t resist bringing to you some of the light hearted moments of such conversations. I tried to go one step forward and make a cartoon out of it. These crazy statments are represented from the view point of the coffee cups at the cafeteria – What if they could react over cracks made by people like us? Here is my first one.Since my handwriting may not be legible to all, I have just documented the human dialogues below as well.Thanks to my colleague who cracked this joke which had most of either in splits or emabarassed because we fell into the trap and ended up looking silly!Hope you enjoy it.

Man – Hey! U want to buy a HD Flat screen TV – 52″ at 80% discount?

Woman – Sure!!I’m in! Where can I get it?

Man – Lehmans!! If you go immediately u can get bargain rates! Ha Ha!! All office equipment and furniture is on sale! Closing Sale…

Woman – Umm….#$***

[In case you were wondering most large multinationals have huge flat screens for video conferencing and other presentations].


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