A Random SOS call….

It’s a roller coaster week – Right now, the world of finance seems to enjoy nothing better than crashing in all directions. The panic is evident among folks from all walks of lives and I bet it is a tedious week for the man (or woman as the case may be) up there who sees and manages it all. A few examples of requests he /she have probably been receiving:

1. The blue collar worker: Dear God let nothing happen to my bank, my money is in there!
2. Employee at the bank: Dear God let nothing happen to this bank, I work here plus my money is in here….somewhere!
3. The board of the bank: Dear God let the feds approve our loan request to bail us out so that we don’t get pelted by our employees and the blue collar workers or anyone else!
4. Employees of an IT company: Dear God we hope that this crisis wave doesn’t hit any of our prospects. We need the projects so badly! Also our money is lying in some of those banks………..
5. Other positive thinkers: Dear God, let my mortgage rates go down, so that my installment years could be reduced from 10 to 9 and our money is in some of those banks!!!

In the midst of these panic attacks, I panicked because I got locked out of my personal email account! Anyone who had chanced to see me this morning, trying to get my email account to open, ignoring my morning cup of tea that lay forgotten on my window sill would have been in splits! I had no money in there though…Priorities you guys! I made it to work, and dragged my way to the cafeteria for my espresso shot (I had forgotten the tea, remember?) and fellow colleagues were animatedly discussing what else but the financial crisis! Most memorable dig at the entire issue was this one liner: What would you prefer: Being stranded in the midst of Ike the hurricane or the East coast financial crisis?

Our time was spent worrying and debating this issue and its possible effects on the economy of a country and in turn its people. At the end of the discussions and with the Feds, republicans and democrats still continuing to fight it out in the Promised Land, we had to put in few extra hours at work to make up for the debate time. I concluded that the solution to this issue is not something we can churn out, so why bother panicking about something that’s out of our hands. Panicking about locked personal email accounts seems more normal! I believe that the money is going to be there because the Promised Land is one power hungry nation and pigs will fly before they let anything untoward happen. As I try to stay afloat amidst these crazy times, my lips involuntarily utter the words: Dear God, please help me survive!



  1. Oh my! I thought that was Morgan Stanley…panic, panic everywhere..just waiting for these clouds to clear away.Am just trying to look at the lighter side of the issue – my cartoons on the same will be coming up soon 😉 Thanks for tagging 🙂

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